Get Lit with Electric Lettuce LED Weed Leaf Earrings!

Young woman wearing pot shaped LED earrings and a Butterfly-shaped LED necklace

Most Cosmic Accents designs involve collaboration between our co-founders, Bjorn and Abbi. Usually, Bjorn has the idea and Abbi gives feedback while Bjorn iterates on the designs.

Young Woman wearing bright, LED earrings that are shaped like pot leaves.

The Electric Lettuce desings, however, were different: it all started with Abbi's vision – an idea to design weed-shaped earrings that would light up with dazzling green LEDs. She knew they needed to be unique, stylish, and a true reflection of their love for all things fun and unconventional. Initially, Bjorn was reluctant, unsure of how this idea would pan out -- green circuit boards are the most boring thing, he insisted. He worked hard and iterated many times, constantly working with Abbi to refine the shape. He had the idea to use single color LEDs (like he had on the Beating Heart earrings) but add some white LEDs for a little more sparkle. Still, he remained skeptical until he received the first batch and turned them on. In a moment, he saw the design was electrifying. The LED lights glittered to the beat like nothing else. The moment he saw the finished product, he knew they had created something amazing together.

Young woman wearing pot shaped LED earrings while lighting up a joint.
  • LED Magic: These earrings pack a punch with 28 green and 12 glittery white LEDs, illuminating your night with sparkle and dazzle.

  • Weed Leaf Swagger: The weed leaf-shaped circuit board adds a unique touch, making these earrings extra dope.

  • Party-Perfect Patterns: With five unique lighting patterns, including sound-reactive options, they're the life of the party.

  • Comfy & Cool: Crafted with lightweight materials, they're designed for the dance floor.

  • No Battery Hassles: Each earring comes with a CR2032 coin battery (included, plus extras) that lasts over 24 hours.

Get ready to party in style with Electric Lettuce LED Weed Leaf Earrings. Light up the night! 🎉🌿💃✨

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