The seeds of Cosmic Accents go back a few years, when I started combining my love of fashion with my love of electronics to make my own LED outfits which I wore to parties around NYC. Even my fist sloppy, messy attempts, held together with safety pins and hot glue, always brought me a lot of attention. Pictures started appearing around social media and in the press, including Time Out New York & a short video of me even appeared on a billboard in Times Square. But, still, most of the outfits were cumbersome to use & fragile, so I kept making them for only myself.


But things changed when I made my LED hoop earrings: they were lightweight, durable, easy to wear, and embodied the kind of sparkle I thought everyone should have in their wardrobe. Making them sound-reactive brought them completely to life. When I first posted about them, the reaction was much more than I anticipated, and I decided this was something I wanted to make more of, and something I wanted to see on other people. The problem was I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I knew I’d need some help, especially in areas I knew nothing about like e-commerce.


Around this time, I had applied for a sponsorship from Abbi’s Hoop company, FestivalTreasures. I had perfectly good hoops from other companies, but I loved how Abbi went above and beyond -- the connections on her hoops were flawless and the small touches Abbi put into the whole process, like shipping the hoops in pizza boxes, gave orders from her a spark of joy I didn’t get from other shops. Fortunately, Abbi loved my earrings, too, as well as my plan to give away some money from each sale to charity. We started making plans for Cosmic Accents right away!

It’s been a long process bringing the original prototypes I made to market, but we believe that by sharing them with the world, we can make it a little brighter and sparklier. We can’t wait to light up your night!

-- Cosmic Sue, aka Bjorn Roche. 2022.