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  • led earrings shown how they operate with battery pack
  • model holding up hair to show battery pack tucked away in her top
  • model standing backwards to show battery pack tucked away in her leggings
  • battery pack operating a pair of led earrings, showing wires connecting to battery pack on black background
  • 3 models wearing led earrings, in size medium, large, & jumbo
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LED Battery Pack (Beta)

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This Battery Pack powers our LED Earrings and/or choker for hours on a single charge. Perfect for a festival, rave or all-night party where you never want to stop shining! Just hook them up and turn them on and your accessories will dance to the music, all coordinated by the sensitive microphone and powerful processor inside the battery pack.

Dozens of patterns and brightness settings are included.

Charge the battery pack with a standard USB C cable and you are ready to go!

Available accessories: LED Choker Hoop Earrings

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