Battery Pack | For Clip On Hoop Earrings & LED Choker Necklace

Sale price$75.00

Our CosmicAccents Battery Pack powers our LED Earrings and/or choker for hours on a single charge. Hook them up and turn them on and your accessories will dance to the music, all coordinated by the sensitive microphone and powerful processor inside the battery pack.

This Battery Pack is used to power our LED Choker Necklace and LED Hoop Earrings for night concerts, festivals, and rave parties. This adjustable battery pack is safe on your body and provides long-lasting lighting. The battery pack can power one or both accessories for hours on a single charge. 

This battery pack offers incredible brightness and long-lasting performance. There is a switch that allows you to control the color of the LEDs, as well as adjust brightness. With a rechargeable battery using a USB-C charging cable, this battery pack allows you to power our long-lasting LED accessories at nighttime events such as night concerts, festivals, and parties.

Charge the battery pack with a standard USB-C cable and you are ready to go!