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  • model with colorful chest tattoo wearing led earrings posing her profile looking away
  • model with white crop top wearing led earrings, posing with arms up above her head
  • model wearing led choker and led earrings, posing her side profile wearing a fur coat
  • led earrings shown how they operate with battery pack
  • led earrings in 4 different sizes shown on model in 4 different pictures to show size comparison
  • model posing with led earrings on a blue setting
  • model holding up hair to show battery pack tucked away in her top
  • model standing backwards to show battery pack tucked away in her leggings
  • model in a sitting pose wearing led choker and led earrings w/ black background
  • two models wearing led accessories & chic fur coats standing near a pink neon sign
  • 4 different sized led hoop earrings - small, medium, large, & jumbo on rainbow setting
  • battery pack operating a pair of led earrings, showing wires connecting to battery pack on black background
  • 3 models wearing led earrings, in size medium, large, & jumbo
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LED Hoop Clip-on Earrings - Beta Version

Hoop Earring Size
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Looking for an accessory that really sparkles? These LED Clip-On Hoop Earrings are perfect for you. Flashy and fun, these battery-powered earrings will give you hours of bright, colorful light. Add some sizzle to a night out on the town, or your next festival — no matter the occasion, these earrings will light up your night. 

Pick your earring size and you are ready to go -- Battery Pack is included!

You can complete the look with our Choker add-on, which will plug into the same battery pack and display a beautiful look that coordinates perfectly with the earrings.

4 LED Hoop Earring sizes are available - small, medium, large, & jumbo.
Included: Clip-On Earrings
Battery Pack
2 extenders (1 ft & 2 ft)
Soft silicone covers for earrings
User manual 
Select your choker necklace add-on here

Visit our FAQ page for more details

These LED hoop clip-on earrings are made by hand from a custom design by Cosmic Sue, aka Bjorn Roche

Product Description

Clip-on hoop earrings. The hoops themselves are made of thin laser-cut acrylic for lightweight wear with a strip of individually addressable LEDs. They connect to the battery pack with thin black wires.

Battery Life: 3-4 hours (4 brightness settings available to extend battery life)
Size: 4" x 2.5". 5 ounces. Lightweight & easy to secure/tuck away.

The battery pack can be charged by a standard USB-C cable (Optional add-on). Thin black wires connect the battery pack to one or both accessories. The Battery Pack also has two loops to attach to your outfit or it can be neatly tucked away. 
The battery pack is more than just a power-source: it includes a microphone and electronics to select your pattern and synchronize all the LEDs. In our testing, everything stayed bright and sparkly for over 3 hours on the default setting and maximum brightness on one charge.

The battery pack has three connections that can be used simultaneously, one for the earrings, one for the choker, and one for a future accessory. Note: This is the BETA version of the battery pack. It requires small adaptors (included) between the battery pack and the accessories or damage may occur.

Attached to a soft, adjustable faux suede choker, with 3 strips of 48 chunky, super-bright, individually addressable LEDs. Select your choker necklace add on here
They tie in the back and connect to the same battery pack used by our earrings - the same sparkly, sound responsive patterns are coordinated between the two when using the same battery pack. Wear both accessories at one time for double the sparkle!
Choker is only available as an add on to LED earrings set.

Earrings Size Diameter:
Small - 2"
Medium - 2.75"
Large - 3.25"
Jumbo - 3.75"
If you plan to move a lot while wearing them, we recommend going down in size.

Small - 8 LEDs
Medium - 11 LEDs
Large - 13 LEDs
Jumbo - 15 LEDs

1.5" wide x 12.25" long (adjustable to flatter most necklines)

Visit our FAQ Page for more!